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    Quality Sprinkler Systems

    The best way to ensure that your lawn is lush, healthy, and green, is to have a quality sprinkler system installed by professionals. The days standing outside with a hose watering your lawn are behind you. A sprinkler system installed by professional landscapers, like us at Bass Lawn and Gardens, can save you time and reduce your water bill. When we install your sprinkler system, we make sure to strategically place sprinkler heads and program an appropriate irrigation schedule for maximum efficiency. You can trust us to ensure that your lawn, one of your property’s key assets, is cared for daily by an automated sprinkler system. And over the years, when your sprinklers inevitably need some level of maintenance, we are a call away to come resolve the issue.

    We Are Experienced Professionals

    It is important to hire experienced professionals when it comes to setting up a sprinkler system. For one, it is easier on you. You won’t have to lug yourself to the hardware store, spending hours trying to find the right parts. Also, you can avoid taxing physical labor by not digging the trenches for the sprinkler system yourself. Most importantly, when the job is done, you can be assured that it was done correctly and made to last because you trusted the experts at Bass Lawn and Gardens.

    Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

    There are a wide variety of benefits that sprinkler systems can provide you. When sprinkler systems are set up correctly, they spray water in an even distribution. This ensures that there are no unloved spots on your lawn and no water wasted in the process. Also, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn as there won’t be any unsightly hoses crisscrossing your greenery. You can also be sure that your lawn will be cared for consistently as our sprinkler systems operate on an automated schedule. So, you never again have to kick yourself for forgetting to get outside daily and water your lawn. Additionally, an automated sprinkler system can alter its watering levels depending on the season and changing conditions outside. With a quality sprinkler system installed by professionals, you will save time, water, and money. 


    Sprinkler System Maintenance

    One thing that can be tricky for homeowners is when they have a sprinkler system installed and they never hear from the landscaper again. This can be a pain as an automated sprinkler system has a lot of working parts to it, making it hard for someone who is inexperienced to manage and maintain it. That won’t be a problem if you hire us at Bass Lawn and Gardens. We are ready to come to your home any time of the year for all the maintenance help you could need. We can come to clean and unclog your sprinkler heads, preventing clogs from negatively impacting the distribution of water across your lawn. We can also come to check the valves of your sprinkler system to make sure there are no leaks leading to wasted water and higher water bills. 

    If you are ready to improve the health of your lawn, remove the hassle of maintenance, and save money and time, contact us at Bass Lawn and Gardens for sprinkler installation.

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