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    Best Remedy For Unhealthy Lawns

    Summer is a great time for you and your family to spend time outside. Whether that’s with barbeques, kids running around the yard, or family get-togethers, your lawn probably had a lot of traction. However, once August and September roll around, you may notice your lawn is looking a little beat up. Many lawns towards the end of summer have a lot of thatch and weeds that homeowners did not expect. This in large part is due to how frequently your lawn was used during the summer, which causes soil compaction. To make sure your lawn is attractive and revitalized for next year’s spring and summer, use lawn aeration. Lawn aeration is the best remedy to cure an over-used and unhealthy-looking lawn. Trust us at Bass Lawn and Gardens to provide you and your lawn the best results.

    What Is Aeration?

    Aeration is a technique used by landscaping companies to alleviate soil compaction. Many landscapers do this through spiked aeration or plug aeration. Spiked aeration works by using metal tines to poke holes in the soil to decompress it. Alternatively, plug aeration actually removes entire plugs of soil from your lawn. These methods come with their benefits and drawbacks, which is why we here at Bass Lawn and Gardens prefer liquid aeration.

    Liquid aeration is superior to other methods because it splits the soil structure at a much smaller scale. This allows water and roots to reach deeper into the soil. A lawn with a deep root system has access to far more nutrients and is naturally healthy. With liquid aeration, there is no need to mark sprinkler heads or invisible fences. It’s an innovative process that can decompress the entire surface of your lawn. Aeration is performed to give your lawn increased access to oxygen, water, and nutrients. When it comes to the methods of accomplishing this, nothing quite matches liquid aeration.

    Benefits of Aeration

    Lawn aeration is a key component to proper lawn care as it comes with a plethora of benefits. In this section, we will briefly touch on a few. If you want to hear about more benefits or schedule an appointment, call us at Bass Lawn and Gardens.

    Reduces Thatch

    Thatch is dead grass and other debris that can form onto your lawn over time. This dead matter can cause unsightly spots on your lawn and reduce its overall health.

    Prevents Weeds

    Aerating your lawn is a great way to deal with weeds without needing to use dangerous chemicals on every dandelion popping up. Lawn aeration does this by loosening the soil which allows your lawn to propagate new seeds and overcrowd any new colonies of weeds.

    Drought Resistant

    If you live in an area that receives periods of reduced rainfall or you don’t want to water your lawn all the time, aeration is a great way to increase your soil’s moisture retention. With loose and aerated soil, the water your lawn does not suck up can be stored in the dirt that surrounds the root system.

    Fixes Drainage Issues

    If you notice that your lawn has ponds of water in it after heavy rain, your soil has poor aeration. Aeration gets rid of these flood plains on your lawn by greatly improving surface runoff. 

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