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    Far Beyond Just Maintaining Lawns

    Our services at Bass Lawn & Gardens go far beyond just maintaining lawns. We understand that a truly finished outdoor area requires more than just a well-kept lawn. There is nothing quite like healthy and vibrant flowers to make your property look enticing and beautiful. During the spring and summer months, vibrant flowers can decorate, frame, and transform your outdoor space. Having a stunning flower bed landscaping doesn’t just entail having a nice selection of flowers. Although this is important, proper gardening also includes removing weeds and other debris that doesn’t belong in your flower bed. 

    We at Bass Lawn & Gardens have the tools and knowledge to handle all delicate gardening jobs. Allow us to make your dream garden a reality.

    Trust Our Landscaping Professionals

    If you are a homeowner that is already proud of your garden, we can help to maintain it with flower bed clean up or we can expand it to your heart’s content. 

    While you may be a relatively experienced gardener, we as landscaping professionals understand which plants best thrive in this climate and the most compatible fertilizers for the job.

    With your creative guidance, we can forge the garden you’ve always envisioned.

    We at Bass Lawn & Gardens have the tools and knowledge to handle all delicate gardening jobs. Allow us to make your dream garden a reality.

    Now, many of our clients are not experienced gardeners and don’t yet have a flower bed. We can fix that! You can trust Bass Lawn & Gardens to create a new flower bed build for you. We can help you select a one-of-a-kind garden plan that will make your home stand out in the neighborhood.

    Keep Your Garden Healthy & Beautiful

    Once we have built your new flower bed or expanded your existing one, you can rely on us year-round for flower bed clean-up. As spring arrives, all kinds of unwanted debris that was hidden under the snow will be exposed. Having too many dead leaves and other debris varieties can suffocate your plants and block the topsoil from absorbing nutrients properly. Although a small level of debris is good to provide nutrients to your plant and soil, there will be lots of work needed to tidy up your flower bed and make it hospitable for blooming life once again. As the seasons change, your plants and flowers will have plenty of wilted petals, dead leaves, and rotting branches that need to be cleaned up to keep your garden looking healthy and beautiful.

    Mulch & Deadheading Services

    There is a lot that goes into flower bed clean-up and maintaining a healthy garden. That’s why you can trust us at Bass Lawn & Gardens to take care of all gardening necessities. We can provide your garden bed with the mulch that is right for your plants’ health and property’s appearance. Mulch can come in a variety of forms and be made from a variety of materials. These range from organic chipped wood all the way to inert/inorganic mulch. Whatever type you desire, we have it covered. 

    You can also expect us to keep your garden blooming with services like deadheading. Deadheading old flowers can keep your garden full of life. When a wilting flower is cut off, it activates new flower development. When older flower heads are removed, it conserves the plant’s energy as they no longer use resources for seed development. It can also make your garden appear healthier as there are fewer wilting flowers and less plant litter.

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