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    Lawn Maintenance Service

    When looking for a way to increase your home’s property value with aesthetic adjustments, nothing quite compares to maintaining a beautiful lawn. Lawns can be a property’s most valuable asset. Normally, lawns are proudly displayed in the forefront of the home. It is the first thing passersby and prospective buyers acknowledge. A good-looking lawn is key to reducing the amount of time your property is on the market. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, a well-kept lawn leaves a good impression on your neighbors and gives your children a space to be active outside. That’s why it is crucial for your lawn to be lush, vibrant green, and neatly cut.

    Proper lawn maintenance ensures that your lawn is kept tidy and healthy year-round. No matter what the season is, our lawn maintenance service will be there. When winter arrives and snow begins to pile up, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be a pile of dead leaves underneath. Before springtime hits, any leftover winter debris will be gone before the April showers and May flowers. And, of course, your lawn will be trimmed to perfection to make a statement all summer long. With our lawn maintenance services, you’ll be sure to have a healthy and good-looking lawn that matches the beauty of your home.

    Lawn Maintenance Services

    Lawn maintenance can include a variety of services. To keep your lawn lush,  green, and neatly cut, we provide weekly lawn mowing, watering, weeding, and border edging around walkway areas.  While this ensures a base level of lawn health and neatness, we also provide additional clean-up. Lawn maintenance includes things like pruning trees and shrubs, removing winter and fall debris, and clearing driveways and walkways.

    Preventative Lawn Care

    The wise homeowner realizes that lawn maintenance, like a home, is a smart investment. While it may seem like a luxury to pay for someone else to take care of your lawn, it can actually save you money long term. For one, we at Bass Lawn and Gardens have years of experience and knowledge. This prevents any improper fertilizers or chemicals from being used on your lawn that could cause damage. 

    Additionally, paying for continued maintenance is much more affordable than letting your lawn deteriorate to the point you need extreme renovation or care. Think about your lawn like it’s your car. You don’t notice your check engine light and decide to ignore it for a couple of months. No, you make sure to take it to the professionals at the dealership for its regular maintenance. The same should go for your lawn. You shouldn’t look out and see overgrown grass, weeds, or yellow spots developing that you just ignore.

    Instead, you need a lawn maintenance service that can prevent anything of that nature from happening. Like your car, it’s also best to leave your lawn to the experts.

    We at Bass Lawn and Gardens deliver lawn maintenance services that are second to none. To make your lawn’s beauty match the rest of your home, get into contact with us to schedule an appointment.

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