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    Raised garden builds are a great way to grow a flourishing vegetable or flower garden no matter what the ground conditions of your property are like. There are many conditions that make regular in-ground gardening extremely difficult or downright impossible. These conditions could be things like soil that is filled with heavy clay, high levels of contaminants, or just a lack of property space to foster a garden. An easy and efficient way to get around these problems is to use a raised garden bed. By raising your garden surface, your new produce and blossoming flowers will be above the ground and away from any harmful contaminants or suffocating and nutrient-deficient soil.

    Aesthetically Pleasing Views

    Not only are raised garden beds a great way to cultivate produce and flowers, but when done correctly, they can be an aesthetically appealing element to your garden. They can be made from a variety of materials to fit the look of your home. Whether that is cedar, aluminum, composite wood, recycled plastic, or even galvanized steel, you can be sure that your raised garden bed can be made to match your style. A well-constructed raised garden bed can be used to decorate entryways, create perimeter gardens, cultivate food in your front yard, or even cover up eyesores around the property.

    Raised Garden Professionals

    If you are ready to have a raised garden build of your own, just contact us at Bass Lawn and Gardens. After contacting us, we can come to your home and discuss what you envision your raised garden to look like and what location you want it in. One thing to keep in mind when thinking about the ideal raised garden bed location is if the area is level. This is important to ensure that the water doesn’t flow to one side of your raised garden build. If you do not have any flat areas on your property, don’t fret. As landscaping professionals, we can dig out hilly terrain to make it as level as possible before we make the garden build. Another thing to keep in mind for your future raised garden bed location is whether it will have easy access to water. Although you could use a long hose to water the garden, it can be a hassle to pull back the hose daily to prevent it from getting tripped or mowed over. Raised garden beds are one of the easiest ways to garden and having it close to water access definitely helps.


    When you make the decision that raised garden beds are right for your garden, get into contact with us at Bass Lawn and Gardens to have it build perfect for your needs.

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