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    You can try rejuvenating areas of your lawn with grass seed. However, this takes plenty of time, patience, and good weather conditions. Instead of relying on the whims of the weather for your lawn to make a comeback, why not just hire the professionals at Bass Lawn and Gardens to lay a new sod installation down.

    Although you can find plenty of DIY tutorials on how to install sod in your yard, we would not recommend it. Sod installation can be a pricey investment, especially if you are covering a sizable amount of square footage. That’s why you shouldn’t run the risk of doing it yourself. Nothing is worse than laying sod down incorrectly and needing to go out and buy more to redo the job a couple of weeks later. Installing new sod, when done correctly, is a time-consuming activity. There is a decent amount of prep work that is often overlooked by amateurs. Such as removing old grass and weeds in the soil, grading the soil so it is level, tilling and loosening the soil, and more.

    Don't DIY

    Another thing that is often overlooked is the physical labor installing sod entails. Before laying down the sod, large amounts of soil and fertilizer need to be moved and spread across the site. Doing it yourself may help you save upfront on labor costs. But you will have to rent or purchase the tools for sod installation if you want it done properly. After renting a lawn roller, landscape edger, rototiller, etc., you may find that you didn’t save much money at all or even spent more.

    Invest In Your Property

    Not only is it cost-effective to use landscaping professionals to do sod installation, but it will result in a better-looking end product. New sod installations are an investment that will increase the worth and appearance of your property. As such, you should rest easy knowing it’s an investment in the hands of trusted professionals.

    Once you are ready to have your new sod installed, reach out to us at Bass Lawn and Gardens and we will have an expert come out and do a preliminary examination of your property. We will be looking for how much sun your lawn gets and suggest the best sod type to have installed. After giving you an estimate, we will schedule a date to come out and get the job started.

    Tips For After Your Sod Installation

    Your lawn will look amazing after we have finished installation, but there are a few things you should keep in mind for the following couple of weeks. During the first week you must avoid overwatering the area, yet at the same time avoid letting the sod dry out. We recommend watering the area three to four times a day for approximately five to 10 minutes. Another important point is to avoid watering the sod during the evening. This can make your sod retain moisture for too long and foster the growth of fungi on your new lawn installation. For at least two weeks you should limit any foot traffic across the area.

    To complete your lawn and make your property lush and green, it is time to have new sod installed. Investing in your lawn is always a great choice to increase the attractiveness and value of your property. If you want to ensure that it looks the best it can reach out to us at Bass Lawn and Gardens to get the job done.

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